Daycare in Trinity, Florida

In-Home daycare Heaven Sent In Home Child Care Fees

Heaven Sent In Home Child Care provides quality competitive child care in Trinity, Florida. With many options available today in the area of child care, Heaven Sent Child Care believes in offering a warm and inviting home environment for you baby to be nurtured and thrive.

Heaven Sent In-Home daycare Fees

  • Fees are due weekly, every Friday, a week in advance when the child arrives.  If that Friday falls on a Holiday, tuition is due on that Thursday. Call for rates. Multiple child discounts available. (Depends on age of children)
  • A $125.00 one-time fee will be charged to cover the ongoing costs for the caregiver of state licensure. This fee includes costs associated with:
  • • License renewal
  • • CPR training
  • • First Aid training
  • • Yearly childcare classes (State required 12 hours per year)
  • • Fire Inspections and maintenance
  • • Household supplies including cups, utensiles, playpens, cots, blankets, etc.
  • • iPad Mini's / Insurance costs
  • • Internet Access Fees
  • • online learning fees (Available 24/7 for parents at home)
  • • Learning Applications access fees
  • • Filtered drinking water
  • • Household water is fully conditioned with water softener
  • • Animal vaccinations

  • In-Home daycare
  • A $45.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks. After a check is bounced, only cash or money orders will be accepted unless otherwise determined by Heaven Sent Daycare. Payments made by check or cash are due at the time of drop off, not in the evening at pick up. A $10.00 per fifteen minute late fee will be charged for each child that is picked up after their contracted pick-up time; and will be paid the next business day.

  • Payment should be made by cash or check. Receipts are available upon request. Client’s Dependent Care Reimbursements forms can be filed for daycare expenses (it is the responsibility of the client to furnish these forms)

Heaven Sent In-Home daycare Late Payment Fee

A late fee of  $25.00 will be imposed the first day tuition is late, and $5.00 additional each day thereafter.

Termination of Child Care

A four-week written notice will be provided by the parent(s) should they wish to terminate care.  In the event a four-week notice is not given to the childcare provider in writing, and the child/children are taken from care early, the provider will still receive full compensation for the entire four weeks. If the written notice is not given and the child is taken from care earlier than the four weeks, the parent/s will be responsible for any and all legal fees incurred by Heaven Sent In-Home daycare to collect the four-week tuition.

In the event Heaven Sent Child Care should find it necessary to end our contractual agreement, we will also give the parent at least four weeks notice. Except for reasons such as, but not limited to: destructive uncontrollable or violent behaviors, habitual tardiness in pick up of child, and lateness of payment or nonpayment. These situations will be grounds for immediate termination. If it becomes necessary for Heaven Sent Child Care to resort to legal action to collect fees, the parent(s) will be responsible for any legal fees incurred by Heaven Sent In-Home daycare.

Neither my children or myself will be subjected to intimidation, cursing, nor verbal abused via phone, text, e-mail, or in person. Such actions will result in immediate termination.




Trinity Neighborhoods

Serving Trinity Neighborhoods

  • Champions Club
  • Fox Wood
  • Fox Hollow
  • Laurel Green Village
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Thousand Oaks East
  • Trinity Oaks
  • Trinity Oaks South
  • Trinity West
  • Trinity East
  • The Sabals
  • Crescent Oaks
  • Wyndtree
  • Rivera
  • Oak Ridge
  • Cypress Run
  • Crescent Oaks
  • Keystone
  • Woodstone
  • Seven Springs
  • Nature's Hideaway
  • Cornett Woods
  • Fairway Springs
  • Seven Springs Villas
  • Sienna Woods
  • Ellington Estates
  • Longleaf
  • Fairway Springs
  • Riverchase
  • Riverside Village
  • Villa Del Rio
  • Millpond
  • Hills of San Jose
  • Hunters Ridge
  • Vicksburg Village
  • Chelsea Place
  • Wyndgate
  • Hunting Creek
  • and more...