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Heaven Sent In Home Child Care TestimonialsHeaven Sent In Home Child Care Testimonials

Since 1994 I have been fortunate to be able to make many friends and touch many little lives. It has been both an honor and privilege to see the kind responses from my families. Heaven Sent is not a commercial daycare - it is a family working together to provide a safe place for your children to spend their first few years of life.

A Few Of Our Parent Testimonials

"For the first two years of our son’s life we were lucky enough to have family watch him and when the time came for us to find a daycare provider for our son (who is delayed), I was not going to put him with just anyone. I was determined to find someone who would treat him like family and would be patient and understanding with him. We knew that he would not do well in a commercial daycare setting, so we researched online for home daycares near our neighborhood. We came across Heaven Sent Child Care and knew immediately that we needed to meet with her. The second we met her, we felt comfortable and knew that she would be a perfect fit for our sweet boy. She made it very easy to leave him there every single day. She sent pictures and text updates to let us know how he was doing. She was willing to work with him and allow his physical therapist to come into her home to work with him as well. He made such great progress there until it was time for him to go to preschool. Soon after he left, our family expanded and we once again needed to find childcare for our youngest son. There was no question that we were going to use Kendra for baby #2. He started with Kendra at 3 months old and adjusted well from the very beginning. As with our oldest son, she sent text updates and pictures to help make the transition easier on us all. He too has learned a lot while there and has made some wonderful friends that he will miss when he goes to preschool in the fall. We will remain close with Kendra and her family and know that we can depend on them for anything. We would recommend Heaven Sent Child Care to anyone looking for childcare. So much so that IF there were ever going to be a baby #3, we would use her in a heartbeat. Feel free to message me for a recommendation or if you would like any information!"

The Bryan's

"After looking at all the pictures and videos Kendra posts on her page it makes me that more and more excited to have my daughter return this summer to Heaven Sent Child Care for the fourth year in a row. Kendra is one of the most heartfelt, sincere and most loving woman I've ever known. Her compassion for the children she watches is not found often and the day to day love and efforts she puts forth towards her "kids" is remarkable. I would recommend Kendra to anyone that I know not only because she's trust worthy, but also the love she shows towards them. It's not easy letting your loved ones get care by just "anyone"... But with Kendra she reassures you that your child will be taken care of not only by her actions but when your child leaves Miss Kendra they can't wait to see her the next day. Every mother who wants their child in a safe and loving home should take their child to Heaven Sent Child Care... Best decision my husband and I have ever done is bring our daughter there.. Not only does our little one love her but we LOVE Kendra and have established a great friendship with her."

The Lynn's

"My daughter went to a franchise daycare till she was 8 months old. I had a horrible experience at that place. I was in search of something different where my child would be loved and care for like I would. I prayed about it and God answered my prays when I called Kendra Abeledo at Heaven Sent Childcare. As soon as my daughter started at Heaven Sent I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. It has been a great experience there for my daughter. She is 1 of 6 not 1 of 16 and let me tell you that makes a difference! My daughter adores Kendra and her daughter's and looks forward to going everyday. I am so thankful for finding Heaven Scent Childcare. "

The Morse's

"I'm what you call Type A personality. I started looking for a daycare provider while I was still pregnant with my daughter. I went to private day cares, national chain day care and in home day care. The anxiety was stressing me out...until I met Kendra at Heaven Sent Day Care. I knew immediately that this was where my daughter would attend. Flash forward over 2+ years now and it with great sadness that Samantha is moving onto Preschool in the Fall. There is no one that will love my daughter like Kendra Abeledo & her daughters love my precious gift. When I first went back to work, she would send pictures and updates through out the day, somehow knowing I needed them. When I travel still, she'll take the time to Facetime with me so I can see her. She goes above and beyond just taking care of my daughter...she gives each child love. Kendra has helped with potty training and education with ABC Mouse on the iPads, as well as flash cards and puzzles. She's teaching her life throwing her trash away, picking up when she's done playing with toys, and helping to unload the dishwasher. She teaches kindness to the kids and manners. I know each day that Samantha is there she's safe and is among friends and loved ones. When Samantha leaves (yes, I'm crying as I type this), it won't be the last we see of Ms. Kendra, Brittany, and Kiki...they have become family and will always be in our lives. In fact, they are my Emergency Contact for preschool if something should happen. 3 years ago when I waddled into her house I knew I had found a great daycare provider, but I never expected a new family. To say I highly recommend Heaven Sent Child Care is an understatement."

The Bechard's

"When I was searching for daycare for my 3 month old daughter I knew that I wanted her to be with a loving family in a home environment. I did not want her to be one of 20-30 babies in a loud, chaotic, crowded facility. The moment I stepped into Kendra’s home I knew this is where Ana needed to be. It was calm, serene, clean, and just felt like home. I made that decision 3 ½ years ago and I have not regretted it one single day in all those years. Kendra and both her daughters love Ana like she was their own – they have built such an amazing bond that I am so heartbroken that she is moving on to preschool this fall. Even though Ana is moving on to school our friendship and their bond will continue as they are listed as emergency contacts and are on the list to pick Ana up as well. We have already discussed that they will be picking her up and bringing her back to Heaven Sent on certain days after school. My original thought was to move Ana to preschool at the age of 3 or 3.5, but Kendra worked with me in order to ready Ana for preschool at the age of 4. She even purchased IPads for the kids and a subscription to for them to be able to learn. In that year, Ana has excelled through the use of the Ipad and Kendra’s teaching. She now knows colors, ABC’s, numbers, and some sight words. The other amazing thing about Kendra is how she is able to teach the kids respect and manners. I get comments ALL THE TIME about how polite and respectful my daughter is and I owe that to Kendra. She truly is an amazing person. She is experienced with children and knows how to run her childcare better than anyone I have ever met. It is unusual for her to have spots available but she has 3 children that are moving on to preschool and currently has 3 openings. However, this shows how much parents love and trust her to keep their children in her care for such a long time. Any parent would be lucky to be able to get their child into this daycare."

The Myers's

"I would highly recommended Kendra to any potential candidates for childcare services. Kendra is a loving and caring care giver. Also, whenever there was any question or issue I always felt comfortable to talk to Kendra. Kendra looked out for us as new parents, and was always willing to give great advice."

The Bartel's

"Kendra did a great job caring for our daughter, Maddie. Maddie always had a big smile when we dropped her off. She always ran to Kendra and gave her a hug every morning. Kendra always treated her "day care" kids like they were her own. And Brittany was awesome too! Maddie loves Brittany!"

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"I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Kendra from Heaven Sent Child Care! Very impressed on many levels...immaculate clean environment, organized and professional, caring and great with the babies! And affordable! Highly recommend!"

The Ray's

"Our daughter attended Heaven Sent for two years. From day one we were comfortable. It felt like leaving her with family. We always knew what she was up to, as we routinely got pictures texted to us and had fun stories to listen to, both from Kendra and our daughter about the activities of the day! When it was time to move her to a preschool, Kendra was instrumental in helping her transition to, "Big Girl School", even throwing her a Heaven Sent graduation party. Kendra truly has a gift with children and we couldn't be more happy with the care and love she gave our little one. Our daughter is one of the most outgoing and happy little girls in the new school she attends, and we are positive this resulted in part by her time spent at Heaven Sent."

The Stelter's

"When we first met Kendra, our little Grayson was only 2 months old. I was nervous and still on maternity leave and unsure of what my childcare plans would be. A quick visit to her home made a great first impression. My husband is a news reporter and I work in public relations for a law enforcement agency, so we live pretty high stress lives and wanted to ensure the safest and most reliable place we could find for our little man. It needed to be a warm, nurturing environment in which I felt he would receive the attention he deserves and not be one baby out of a room filled with sixteen. That is exactly what Kendra provides. She focuses on the needs of the individual child, gets to know them as if they are her own, and shows them the love they deserve. Kendra has been a wonderful influence on our little boy. Her home is immaculate and our son had plenty of activities throughout his day. Our son is always smiling and happy when we pick him up and Kendra has been amazing with sending us videos and pictures of our baby throughout the day. She is always accessible and for someone in our line of work, that was extremely important to us."

The Waxler's

"The first 2 years of our son's life were spent with family members. When we had to find another alternative for childcare for him we wanted to find someone who would love him just as much as we did. We knew we didn't want to send him to a commercial daycare because he is developmentally delayed and had other needs. We felt that he would "get lost" in that type of setting. I started doing my research on the DCF website and found Kendra. We were immediately impressed by her VERY thorough website, and the fact that she had experience with all different types of children with special needs. When we met her, our son immediately took to her. I also noticed right away how clean and organized her house was! She was open and honest and made usfeel very comfortable. Kendra was also extremely willing to help our son in any way that she could, as well as allow his therapist(s) to come into her home and work with him on a weekly basis. She even worked with him on what the therapist would suggest and has helped our son progress in many ways. She celebrated hisachievements as if he were her own and would send us pictures or videos when he accomplished new things. The time has come for our son to attend pre-school and leave Kendra, but we LOVEand trust her so much that we are sending our newest addition (due next month) to her when I return to work after 12 weeks of maternity leave. We would highly recommend Kendra to anyone who is looking for childcare for their little one(s)."

The Bryan's

"My girls go right now on a part time basis and have asked me to have more meetings. They absolutely love Kendra. Strong values and morals are key for our family and when I am away, I trust her to instill those in my girls. I highly recommend Kendra and all that she has to offer your little ones."

The Dorrmann's

"Kendra was fantastic. Her energetic and kind hearted spirit was contagious. My little one was always excited to see her and spend the day with her. Her home was always clean and tidy. I would highly recommend Heave Sent Child Care to any mother/father who would like to see their child in great hands with NO WORRIES throughout the day."

Pastor Odum

"As I began my journey back into the workforce I came upon the realization that I had to find someone to watch my one-year old daughter. With no family in the area I was at a loss. So, I turned to DCF's website and began looking up in home childcare and also toured many daycare facilities. I found Kendra on DCF's website and the moment I stepped into her house I felt at ease. She answered all of my questions while monitoring the children in her house. However, I was honestly more concerned with watching her interactions with the children then the answer to my questions. She was kind, gentle, and compassionate with each child. I could instantly tell that they felt comfortable with her.

Throughout the next few weeks she could tell that I was nervous about how my daughter was doing. In response to my obvious anxiety Kendra would continually text me throughout the day with pictures and updates. Each time I checked my phone I was put at ease with knowing that I had my daughter in a home environment with a woman and mother who truly cared about her clients and their parents.
The warmth and love that shines through each day from her house is incredible. I felt so blessed when I became pregnant with my second child because I knew that I had a safe, loving environment for her to go to each day. Kendra worked with me whenever I had a concern or question. She was always willing to do what was best for both of my girls.

Kendra became a part of our family. She was a constant in our lives and was a part of all of our momentous family occasions. She always made it a point to come to both of my daughters' birthday parties, my second child's baptism, etc. Kendra is an amazing women and any family would be blessed to have her take care of their children. She will move the ends of the earth to make each child and parent feel happy and secure. I would be more than happy to personally speak with anyone who has questions or concerns about Heaven Sent Child Care.

The Drew's

"I have known Kendra for several years, and I am proud to say that she is amazing with her "children". Kendra, with her big heart, is an wonderful childcare provider due to the fact that she treats all her daycare children as if they were her own. She spends countless hours working with each child based on their learning needs. Anyone whom is looking for an excellent childcare facility needs to give her a call. Kendra always excelled the expectations of the many daycare parents; and will continue to give your family the very same love and respect."

The Jones's

"I am Kendra's neighbor and friend. It is such a blessing to hear the sounds of laughter coming from the children in her care. Kendra is one of the most kind and honest people I know. I am an educator and a former child care center owner, and I would recommend to to my friends and my family!"

The Manrique's

"As a teacher and a mom, I wanted someone to care for my children who would not only take care of them, but teach them and love them. Kendra provides all of that and so much more! Her daycare is by far the best I have come across. She not only is a care provider but a family member to all of those who use her. She comes highly recommended by me and the many other families that do/have used her."

The Miller's

"I have known Kendra for eight years. Her home is a loving, warm environment for the young children she cares for in her daycare. As a teacher for many years, I know that Kendra instills a love of learning and curiosity in her little ones. Kendra is a wonderful person and treats each child as if he/she was her own. I have two grandchildren who live in Michigan. i wish they could have a child care experience such as the one that Kendra gives. Call and visit her to see this lovely setting for your little one."

The Long's

"I have known Kendra since she started her business in Trinity. I have seen how she attends to each child as an individual and loves each one as they need to be loved. She also is an incredible teacher to the little ones as she gets down on their level all the time to explain and share new things with them. If you are looking for a great place for your infant or toddler, you just found it."

The Callard's

"Kendra is a very loving and caring person! I would recommend Heaven Sent Child Care to anyone! She is a true blessing!"

The Sweet's

"I also want to thank Kendra for her kindness and persistent focus on a friendly and engaging environment. I love walking in the door and feeling like I am at a good friend’s house, not just some random place. It is comforting knowing my daughter loves where she is and sometimes does not want to leave."

The Altunbas's

"Kendra is fantastic! Her home is immaculate, her care and attention to our daughter is outstanding. Childcare is an obvious calling for her, and she has clearly demonstrated to us that she takes on this calling with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm. We didn't think our little one could be loved any further than she already was...then we met Kendra."

The Stelter's

"Kendra is the sweetest person. I would recommend her loving, clean and educationally stimulating home to anyone."

The Peterman's

"We LOVE Kendra! We were looking for an in home daycare for our daughter a few years ago. We prayed about it and Kendra was our answered prayer! I found her through the DCF website and she happened to live in my neighborhood! I knew as soon as I met her that she was who I wanted my daughter to stay with. Her home is IMMACULATE. Seriously, you could eat off of the floors.
She showered my kids with love and affection and guides them to be considerate and kind little people. We had another child and so she watched him from the time he was 6 weeks old until around 1. She is the only person outside of my husband that I trust implicitly with my kids. She has become our friend over the years and I would recommend her as a care giver to everyone! Please message me with any specific questions and I am happy to answer them!"

The Day's

"Kendra is an amazing provider with both her daycare and children. She balances all very well and any child in her care would be blessed to have her."

The Freda's

"Wow, where do I start?! Kendra is AMAZING! She was recommended to my husband and I through a friend of ours who had 2 of her children previously with Kendra. Being a first time mom, I was very nervous about leaving my little man with anyone. From the first time I met Kendra I felt comfortable around her and her family. She immediately made us feel welcome and it like I was leaving my son with another part of our family. She watched our little man for a year and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent daycare provider! She is loving, caring and always has a clean home! I highly recommend Heaven Sent Child Care!"

The Galloway's

"Kendra cared for my son who was an infant at the time for a short period of time in 2007. She definitely has the heart, patients and the love that it takes to run a home daycare. Her own children always showed their love for the daycare kids. Kendra is definitely a good person and if you are looking for a Home Daycare I would definitely recommend Heaven Sent Child Care."

The Rosecrants's




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Forever In My Heart

Although I'm not their mother
I care for them each day,
I cuddle, sing and read to them
And watch them as they play.
I see each new accomplishment,
I help them grow and learn.
I understand their language,
I listen with concern.
They come to me for comfort,
And I kiss away their tears.
They proudly show their work to me,
I give the loudest cheers!
No, I 'm not their mother,
But my role is just as strong.
I nurture them and keep them safe,
Though maybe not for long.
I know someday the time will come,
When we will have to part.
But I know each child I cared for,
Is forever in my heart!


~ Author Unknown ~